GRAHAM, Wash. -- Firefighters say had they arrived at a burning home in Graham a few minutes later, a 74-year-old man may have died.

Luckily for Marty Lewis, the fire station is only two minutes from his home.

Thank you, thank you very much, the 74-year-old Lewis told firefighters Wednesday morning.

Firefighters found Lewis, who is battling lung, brain and liver cancer, in a hospital bed in his living room when they arrived at his home around 10 in the morning.

Investigators believe he accidently started a fire in his kitchen when he tried to warm up a blanket in the microwave.

Masako Lewis tried to put out the fire in her kitchen.

She worried the smoke might kill her dogs and husband, who she could not get out of the house.
He can t walk, Masako Lewis said.

Firefighters ended up taking Marty Lewis outside in his wheelchair.

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