If you've recently parked at Sea-Tac Airport, you may want to check your credit card statements. A new state audit suggests drivers were overcharged or not charged at all.

The parking garage adjacent to the airport is popular, given the convenience and connection to the concourse. But the Port of Seattle said one parking kiosk wasn't functioning properly betweenJanuary and August, and it's still trying to figure out why.

The state auditor's office said Monday in a published report that the Port of Seattle may have lost out on nearly $400,000 in parking fees because of the machine's error.

A Port spokesman said the machine in question was a drive-thru kiosk located outside of the garage. The Port is now manually auditing the machines and believes the problem, resulting in just a small loss of overall parking revenue, is now corrected.

But the Port admits it's probably still not a bad idea to check your statement to see if the charge is right on the button.

The Port said it does not believe consumers' critical information was compromised by this issue.

KING 5's Chris Daniels contributed to this report.

Port of Seattle Audit

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