Technological gaffe or a product of necessity? Either way, a tweet from Oprah Winfrey on Sunday touting Microsoft s latest product is still pretty funny.

Oprah tweeted her love for Microsoft s new Surface Tablet Sunday.

Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts. #FavoriteThings

The catch is, she tweeted it from her iPad, as you can see in the attached image taken from Tweetdeck. offers this possible explanation that Winfrey may have been forced to use her iPad due to a limitation with the Surface.

There is no official Twitter app for the Surface. One of the third party apps, Tweetro, was shut down by Twitter because it had too many users. (Twitter has convoluted rules that only allow third party apps to have so many users.)

So, odds are Oprah has been using the Surface, forgot to sign up for Tweetro early on, then went to sign up and then was shut down. She was then forced against her will to use the iPad.

Just kidding. She probably uses an iPad to tweet because it's much better than the Surface.

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