Members of a Sumner gymnastics team and their families are rallying around a teammate who was seriously injured in a fall on Friday afternoon.

Roach Gymnastics says Jacoby Miles, 15, a level 9 gymnast, was performing a routine maneuver on the uneven bars.

She 'got lost' during the second rotation of her double back and opened up early and then landed on her neck, said Melanie Roach, owner of Roach Gymnastics.

Jacoby was taken to a Tacoma hospital, then transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. She is paralyzed from the mid-chest down. She had successful surgery, and doctors are hopeful that she will regain some feeling back in her arms.

She's still the same Jacoby, which is a blessing from God, said Jason Miles, her father. We can work through everything else to follow.

According to the website, Jacoby s spinal cord was pinched off but not severed. She will be transferred to a Puyallup hospital, where she will begin her recovery.

There's people that have gone through similar thingswho are reaching out to her, and I know someday God's going to use her to do the same thing, Jason Miles said.

Jacoby attends Ballou Junior High School in Puyallup.

Fundraising and support efforts have been started to help with Jacoby s recovery process.

Our goal as a gym and as a gymnastics community is to come together and work together and raise enough money so that there is no financial burden placed on the Miles family, said Roach.

Our hearts go out to the Miles family, and we promise them - I promise them - that as a gym and as a gymnastics community, we are going to be there for them for now and forever.

Drop off or send donations to:
Team Jacoby Fund c/o Roach Gymnastics and Cheer
1627 45th St. E., Bldg. D-103
Sumner, WA 98390

For more information about fundraising efforts and how to donate, visit

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