Below is a transcript of McKenna's video remarks:

Thanks for taking a minute for this election update, and thanks for all of the messages that you've been sending, all the well wishes you've been sending.

Those of you who have been writing to us saying, Hey, this election isn't over, are absolutely right. In fact, only about half way through, because only about 55 percent of the ballots have been counted.

What we know is that this is the first all mail-in election during a presidential and gubernatorial cycle, and therefore all the old rules and models don't really work, because we used to be able to tell based on early voting what the ultimate outcome would be, and we just can't tell that anymore.

What we do know is that Congressman Inslee enjoyed an advantage among early voters, because the Democrats did a good job of encouraging their voters, especially their voters who are high-propensity voters, to get their ballots in early.

And sure enough, we saw in our own internal polling, we saw in external polls by KING 5, for example, that he enjoyed that advantage among early voters. But that advantage disappeared among later voters.

And with almost half the ballots left to count, we believe my advantage among later voters is what is ultimately going to carry me to victory in this campaign.

So stay tuned, be patient. I know it's hard, but it's going the right way.

By late Friday evening, certainly be early next week, it should be pretty clear that we're going to be able to take this state in a new direction with a victory in this campaign.

Thanks so much, and we will be back with an update as we have more information.

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