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First it was cupcakes, then it was pie. But after you eat at this new Seattle food truck, you'll be convinced biscuits are the next big thing.

Biscuits aren t exactly guilt-free. But the two guys behind Seattle Biscuit Company have elevated the southern staple into a gourmet sandwich.

Owners David Hanson and Sam Thompson grew up in a biscuit-rich environment.

I'm from Mississippi, David's from Georgia, said Sam. It would be sacrilege to put some of the things we have on our menu on a menu in the South.

The duo s experimental menu includes a Cuban-style sandwich and honey butter with rock salt, but they also stay true to their roots with authentic biscuits and gravy.

With menu items like Che, Willie Lee and The Big Al, the entire menu is memorable in taste and name.

Willie Lee, Hickey Dewberry and Bishop Jim Earl Swilley are all actual people from Georgia, said David. Willie Lee was the tax collector, lived across the street from us and wouldn't let us play football in his yard.

They bake the biscuits in-truck using locally-sourced ingredients. And the service is signature southern: friendly and well-dressed.

Any good fraternity boy in the South worth his salt knows how to tie a bow tie, and it's just kind of a southern thing, said Sam.

Except that we don t, laughed David.

Except that we didn't and we had to learn, added Sam.

What they lack in neckwear skills, Sam and David more than make up for with their mobile kitchen. Seattle Biscuit Company is worth tracking down in whichever Northwest neighborhood the southerners swing through next.

Because we're moving around, we might be here today but not tomorrow, said Sam.

We like the drama of it all. It's all theater, said David.

You can track down their truck on the Seattle Biscuit Company Facebook page.

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