A local non-profit that helps the homeless now needs help itself. Peace For The Streets By Kids From The Streets needs thousands to pay its rent.

Twenty-four-year-old Cody Ingram is one of many clients that rely on meal and social services from the organization.

It s always a constant question of where my next meal s coming from, said Ingram.

In the past, PSKS could count on help from grants, but the competition for the money is tighter now more than ever due in part to the struggling economy.

There s a lot of prospective grants out there that are pending decision, said Elaine Simons, the organization s executive director and co-founder.

The organization may or may not have money coming in. For now, it s on its own. There s an immediate need for $4,300 just to make this month s rent. Clients like Ingram are aware of the situation and committed to helping PSKS out of its emergency.

An art show fundraiser to help the organization will be held Friday from 5-9pm. Friday night. Every dollar donated will go towards keeping it open.

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