REDMOND, Wash. - For the people at Avon Villa mobile home park in Redmond, it was a rude awakening.

Redmond police are at my door knocking and telling me the houses behind me are catching on fire and stuff, said Misaek Avila.

Stuff happened yesterday and then it happens again today, it s kind of weird, he said.

Investigators say the fires are no accident.

The first fire occurred Monday morning at 10:15 a.m. in the 11400 block of Avondale Road NE, causing minimal damage to a detached shed of one of the units. The second fire occurred Tuesday morning around 8 a.m. to another unit, also causing minimal damage to a detached shed.

No one was hurt.

Redmond Police say the important thing right now is to get word out to the community that these fires are being set and then hopefully get information back as to who may be setting them - but in this evolving neighborhood, that may not be as easy as it sounds.

According to the latest census, nearly a third of the households in Redmond speak something other than English. Seattle by comparison is just 21 percent.

For Officer Julie Beard, the way to get to the parents is through their children. Sometimes only the youngest members of the household speak English, and with a firebug at work, first responders know seconds count.

We encourage everyone to call 911. We have dozens of interpreters through the language line we don't want anyone to not call because English is not their first language, said Beard.

The fires have been small, and the hope is putting people on alert will prevent any more.

Two in two days is definitely suspicious and makes us pretty concerned, especially in a dense population like this, said Beard.

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