A group of high school students from Lynden recently changed the life of a fellow student living with Spina Bifida.

Kalyz Larareceived a gift of a trike, a device named Cascade , that was designed to help with her mobility but also to build her strength. The students who invented and built the Cascade are a part of the InvenTeam at Lynden High School, and this month they get to present their invention at MIT!

Three of these students, Ellie Shook, Jordan Kooi, and Jonathan Rouse talk about the highs and lows of working on such a project, as well as what inspired them to take this leap in the first place. Of course, they couldn't have done it withoutthe support of adults and teacherssuch as Dave Weidkamp who really helped to lead the way.

This just goes to show how much a small group of people can make a substantial difference.

For more information on the trike itself, visit the article here.

To see their journey from beginning to end, visit their blog here.

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