Tiffany Borquin loves to make money, but she doesn t want to pay nearly 500 bucks for a bill she doesn t owe.

It all began when the Bonney Lake resident got a letter from a collection agency named Convergent Outsourcing.

It said she owed the money from a past due Verizon account. But there was just one problem with that.

I've never actually had a Verizon account and it showed Verizon as being the original creditor, which obviously was a huge red flag, said Tiffany.

Tiffany called Verizon first. The company confirmed she'd never had an account.

She told that to Convergent - and things didn't go as well.

According to Tiffany, She just started yelling at me and hung up the phone and wouldn't answer my calls after that. Every time I'd call, she'd answer and go, 'Hold please' and never come back.

Looking for back up, Tiffany called me.
You try to, you know, be positive and expect people to actually do their jobs and when they don', it's really frustrating, said Tiffany.

It took a call to the president of Convergent to make things move.

And guess what? No more bill. Tiffany couldn t be happier.
They've closed the account and I'll never hear from them again, she said.

If you're contacted by a collection agency, make them prove the debt in writing. This will tell you who you owe, how much and what to do if you don't think you owe it.

You should also call the creditor and find out if the debt's legit. If it's not, let the collection agency know.

And if you still can't get anywhere, call me at the Get Jesse line at 1-877- 5JESSE.

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