SEATTLE - The Q Cafe turned into a screening room to show a movie with a message.

Angela Wang and Katie Jones helped organize the event.

Boys, they get into a fight, the next lunch period they're buddy-buddy, where as we (women) hang on to it for years, said Jones.

I just remember the shame of being picked on, said Wang.

14-year-old JuliePenwell said her hecklers hid behind a computer. Penwell attended the movie screening because she said she has been the victim of cyberbullying.

I got told I should lose the attitude and 80 pounds. Someone told me that I was the new school slut. I've gotten told to kill myself too, said Penwell.

The movie called Finding Kind aims to spark a movement against bullying. It was released in 2010. Two college students who met at Pepperdine University took a cross country road trip with their mothers. The journey became a documentary about how bullying impacts girls and women.

It's a very honest look at what it's like to be a girl in school today, said Wang.

Learn more about the movie and watch the trailer here:

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