The latest weapon against cellulite is called Cellulaze. Doctors use a tiny laser to target cellulite under the surface of the skin.

Dr. Bruce Katz participated in clinical trials

For the first time with one simple treatment we get long lasting results, safely performed, and quick recovery, he said.

The patient is awake the entire time. Once the area is numb, Dr. Katz inserts a tiny laser under the skin.

It's a three step process. First the laser heats up to melt the fat. Then, it cuts through the bands that pull the skin down to create that dimpled effect. Finally, the laser heats the skin to trigger the growth of new collagen.

Usually in several weeks you start seeing those bumps and valleys go away, said Dr. Katz.

The patient may experience soreness and bruising, but most can go back to work the next day. The company says the results can last one year or more.

We think it's possible that it may come back if people gain weight or stop exercising. But we think that if they've stayed clear for two years we will get lasting results for many years to come, said Dr. Katz.

Johanna Petrycki had the procedure in the fall of 2010, as part of the clinical trials.

It was awesome, actually. It was nice to actually nice to look in the mirror and not feel self conscious about something that had bothered me for about 20 years, she said.

But it's not cheap. The average price is $5,000 to $7,000.

The closest doctors offering Cellulaze are in Langley, BC and Spokane.

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