PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - When a member of law enforcement dies, there is usually an outpouring of support. But police say a group in Kitsap County took a different route following the death of Trooper Tony Radulescu.

Hours after his shooting, when police asked 18-year-old Megan Mollet if she knew the trooper's killer, Josh Blake, detectives say she replied snidely that she knew lotsa Josh's.

Police say she not only knew Blake, but was with him when he pulled the trigger. She was in the passenger seat when the trooper pulled over Blake's truck, possibly for speeding.

Mollet later told police she was told to roll down her window and turn her head.

She said Blake grabbed a gun from the glove box and shot Trooper Radulescu in the face.

Mollet s brother-in-law says she lied to police out of fear.

She's a victim... she's traumatized by all of this really, said Ray White.

Dan Carter is accused of finding a ride for Blake, and Andrew Bartlett and Corinne Nelson are accused of giving him a lift while he was on the run - with full knowledge of what he had done.

It's just flat wrong. It can't be tolerated in a society, said Kitsap County Sheriff Steve Boyer.

As the memorial for Trooper Radulescu grows, so does the anger for those who tried to help his killer.

I think it's just senseless... and I think it's just tragic. The good guys aren't supposed to lose... and the good guys lost, said Port Orchard resident Celia Murray.

Five of Blake's friends were arrested last week. Police picked up the sixth on Monday. It s not yet known what role that man played.

Other than Josh Blake, the one thing police say all six have in common: methamphetamine use.

No additional information was released on the sixth person arrested. The other five include Blake s ex-girlfriend Jessi Leigh Foster, who appeared in court Friday. Investigators say she actively tried to help Blake get out of the area. The two are parents of a young girl.

Also arrested were a 26-year-old woman, a 30-year-old man and a 37-year-old man. These four face charges of rendering criminal assistance. Bail for each is set at $500,000.

A public memorial for Trooper Radulescu will be held Thursday at 1 p.m. at the ShoWare Center in Kent. Those wishing to attend are encouraged to carpool.

You can make a donation to the Anthony Radulescu Memorial Fund at any Key Bank branch.

Leave condolences on the Officer Down website

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