TACOMA - Across the street from Life Center Church in Tacoma, away from the mourners, the bikers and the firemen who tried to save Braden and Charlie - was a simple message.

Love is what thrives, said Heather Mccully as she holds up a big sign with red letters that reads, Love. It was a welcome sign for the grieving.

Love overcomes all, she says as she waves the sign back and forth to drivers passing by. It's an idea made up by a group of strangers, who met on Facebook, with the understanding that for those coming to the funeral, letting go of the sadness, anger and hate, might be the hardest part.

I prayed for peace, said neighbor Alicia Chapman, who happened to be walking by with her daughter. She looked up to the sky, then points to the picture of Braden and Charlie at the front doors of the church.

That's where they are, up in heaven with their mother with a smile on their faces. That's what I'm going to take out of this, Capman says as she wipes away tears. They are in heaven with their mother and they are so happy and those smiles are on their faces right now.

Love is more than hate, said McCully.

As the procession follows Charlie and Braden to their final resting place, their grandparents catch a glimpse of the signs. You can almost see that their mouths were saying thank you.

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