MILL CREEK, Wash. -- Snow was not only thing driving shoppers into Central Market in Mill Creek Monday. Soup appeared to be another motivating factor, as many customers stopped in to stock up on ingredients, realizing they could be stuck in their homes over the next few days.

Chicken vegetable was Anne Roth's soup of choice. Rita Webb is also adding homemade ginger tea to her hibernation menu.

I'm stocking up on groceries. I'mafraid of the next snowstorm, said shopper Terry Sue McVey. My biggest concern is all the other crazy drivers, soI prefer to stock up and stay at home.

McVey said she has the luxury of working from home this week, should travel become too difficult.

Josh Narode said he would also work from home, if school and preschool for his two kids are canceled. But he acknowledges it is not nearly as effective as working from the office.

I love having my kids around, but they don't make working all that easy, he said. So it can be a little rough at times.

The snow is making it impossible for Teresa Andolfi's husband to work. He mows lawns for a living.

Our customers aren't going to be happy, but they have to understand, she said.

At least her family has something to look forward to. They're heading to DisneyLand next week -- weather permitting.

If the weather's still stuck around, we won't be able to fly out, she said. And we won't get to some 70s and sunny temps.

But their trip is still ten days away, so there is reason for optimism. However, ifher kids miss school this week because of snow and next week because of the vacation, Andolfi is concerned they will fall behind.

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