WENATCHEE, Wash. -- The parents of a Wenatchee teen who drowned last month during gym class filed a $15 million claim Monday against the school system.

Fourteen-year-old Antonio Reyes drowned in Wenatchee High School's swimming pool on Nov. 17. Police said Reyes was under water, at the bottom of the pool, for 40 minutes before he was discovered.

Attorney Simeon Osborn said the Reyes family is looking for answers, not just an explanation for why it took 40 minutes to discover their son, but why Antonio was in the pool in the first place.

We're trying to find out why Antonio Reyes was allowed in the pool, when he was never tested, Osborn said.

In written statement, the Wenatchee school district said it is conducting a review of pool proceedures and that the safety of all students remains a priority for the district and staff. One staff member is on leave pending the outcome of an investigation that the district said is still in its early stages.

The district also said officials expressed their condolences to the Reyes family and that they have made insurance benefits that all students are eligible for available to the family. In addition, a student body fundraiser to benefit the family is planned for later this month.

Under Washington law, a claim must be on file for 60 days before the filing of a formal lawsuit.

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