We start today with some major cuteness! Whether you've got little ones at home - or your kids are grown - you know how fun it can be to dress them up for special events. So today - we're getting into the holiday spirit with some great ideas for kids holiday fashions - and you'll be surprised at the very reasonable prices!

GROUP 1: Twins (Max and Lilly)
Trend item: Puffer vest, Old Navy $26.94
Trend Item: Zomsters onesies,

GROUP 2: Big Cousin/Little Cousin (Ava and Avery, with Tayha the baby-sitter)
Trend item: Ballerina skirt, Old Navy $24.94

GROUP 3: Big Brother/Little Brother (Landon and Henry)
Trend item: Animal hats, $19.94

GROUP 4: Party Girls (Georgia, Ruby and Emma)
Trend item: Sparkles! and Old Navy

GROUP 5: Brother/Sister (Dion and Riley)
Trend item for boys: clip-on ties, $12, JC Penney
Trend item for girls: faux fur, $44.94, Old Navy

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