SEATTLE A man who apparently decided not to silence his cell phone at a movie theater last week was allegedly choked by another moviegoer who was angry over the disruption.

It happened Nov. 21 during the 5 p.m. showing of Tower Heist. The Seattle Police Department redacted the name of the theater in the incident report, but published reports indicate it happened at the Majestic Bay Theaters in Ballard.

According to the responding officer, the victim s cell phone went off a couple of times near the end of the movie. He checked to see who called him, prompting the suspect who was seated in the same row to yell, Shut it off.

Minutes later, the phone rang again. The victim apparently said something to himself. The suspect allegedly said, Better keep your mouth shut.

At some point, the suspect left the theater twice, brushing past the victim s legs.

When the suspect returned a second time, he allegedly walked past the victim then turned and grabbed the victim s throat.

The victim told police it lasted for about 30 seconds and that he could not breathe.

The suspect then allegedly told the victim he was going to report it to the manager, but would claim that the victim was the one who committed the assault.

Two witnesses told police they saw the suspect lunging at the victim and putting his hands around the man s throat.

The police report redacted the suspect s statement to the officer.

There was no immediate word on whether charges would be filed.

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