SEATTLE-- While rage against big banks ripples nationwide, Bank of America will actually reward cardholders this weekend.

Anyone with a Bank of America card will receive free admission to the Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, and the Northwest African American Museum Saturday and Sunday.

Coincidentally, Saturday also happens to be Bank Transfer Day, organized by a grassroots movement that wants people to move their money from banks to a credit union.

Bank of America offers the Museums on Us offer one weekend a month, all year long, so it doesn't seem to be a hastily crafted ploy to get back in the good graces of disgruntled customers, many of whom were incensed by the bank's now-abandoned plan to add a $5 monthly fee to debit card accounts.

In just the last four weeks, an estimated 650,000 customers have already ditched big banks for a credit union, according to the Credit Union National Association.

Locally owned BECU said it has seen a huge surge in new customers recently, many of whom switched due to the threat of debit card fees.

Bank of America has been a main target of protesters at Occupy demonstrations, including here in Seattle. The protesters are angry that executives at BofA and other large banks have never faced any punishment for business practices that helped drive the 2007-08 financial crisis, and that the big banks largely oppose reforms to ensure another similar crisis doesn't happen again.

H/T to David Nelson, @MissingSonics, for his blog on what to do in Belltown Nov. 5, 6.

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