SEATTLE -- Tributes to Steve Jobs came in quickly as news of his death spread.

Everyone from well-known technology leaders to Apple fans praised Jobs for his vision, his spirit, and his contributions to our everyday life.

Microsoft co-founders and longtime Jobs' rivals, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, both issued statements shortly after hearing of the Apple co-founder's death.

Gates said, The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects which will be felt for many generations to come.

Paul Allen tweeted, We've lost a unique tech pioneer and auteur who know how to make amazingly great products.

Through Microsoft's website, CEOSteve Ballmer called Jobs one of the founders of our industry and a true visionary. My heart goes out to his family, everyone at Apple and everyone who has been touched by his work.

But Jobs' death has left an emotional impact on many whose only connection to the man is the iPhone in their pocket or the iPad in their bookbag.

WhenI heard the news,I thought 'Oh my gosh,' said hairstylist Igor Charitonov, who works across from one local Apple store. Charitonovsaid herespected a manthat could have such a huge impact on the world and technology andinnovation and creativity.

Flowers were left outside the Apple Store at the University Village in Seattle.

Others, like Seattlite Kevin Pedraja, recalled their brush with the Apple co-founder. Pedraja said back in 2001 he wrote and faxed Jobs a long, detailed complaint after receiving poor customer service for his computer.

I actually got a call at home on a Sunday morning,and the person on the phone identified himself as Steve Jobs, said Pedraja, and said he was calling about the letter thatI sent and that he wanted to know what my problem was and how they could fix it.

He was very anxious thatI was happy and was satisfied and it was just an incredible thing, Pedraja added.

Despite the prevailing Microsoft mentality in Western Washington, many startupshere rely heavilyon Apple products, like Leigh Fatzinger's social media marketing firm, Nology.

Technology and computing and design lost an absolute icon today, he said. We interact with his ideas every single day.

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