SNOHOMISH,Wash. -- The Brightwater sewage treatment plant has been ruled out as a source of a terrible smell that has plagued the town of Snohomish for days.

An inspector with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency made that assessment Tuesday, after dozens of complaints from residents who say the smell is so bad, they can't go outside.

The most common description we re getting from people is a farm odor or manure odor, said John Schantz with PSCAA.

Schantz, as an odor detective of sorts, will now focus his investigation on farmland in the Snohomish River Valley.

To find the source of the smell, Schantz maps out where odor complaints are coming from and which direction the wind is blowing. Upwind, several farms and fertilizer is baking in the hot summer sun.

Schantz may be back on Wednesday but says the source of the smell may remain a mystery.

Agricultural operations are exempt from state odor nuisance laws.

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