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EVERETT, Wash. -- A group of people showed big support for a four-legged friend outside the Snohomish County Courthouse in Everett Tuesday morning.

Members of the group Justice for Rose stood outside the courtroom with signs and even a fellow canine.

Last year, a Newfoundland dog was shot four times and killed by Des Moines police officers who claim she was a threat.

An attorney representing Rosie's owners filed suit, asking the city to charge the officers involved with animal cruelty. Rosie's owners are filing a citizens complaint against the officers involved in the shooting death of their dog.

On Tuesday, a hearing before a Snohomish County judge will decide if the case will go forward or be dismissed.

Rosie was a big Newfoundland. I've never known a Newfoundland, or most big dogs for that matter, to be scary. To shoot her four times is insane, said Savina Croning, member of Justice for Rosie. I don't know what she could have done to ever merit that.

We're hoping that in the end we can create a mandatory training for all police officers to understand dog behavior better so this never happens again, said Kim Coon, Rosie's owner.

The case started in Des Moines Municipal Court, then was moved to King County District Court after the Des Moines Municipal Court judge recused herself. It was referred by King County to Pierce County and finally moved to Snohomish County District Court when the docket was too full in Pierce County.

The City of Des Moines conducted its own internal investigation and found no wrongdoing in the shooting of the dog.

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