LYNNWOOD, Wash. -Lynnwood Police shot and killed a bear that they had been tracking overnight.

They said it was being tranquilized and then they said it was being shot and killed; they shot it twice, said a woman who lives nearby. I was in tears.

Ted Peterson saw the bear run across his back yard.

I just got in the house, I heard shot and the bear ran right by here through the yard, he said. It was really moving.

Officers and witnesses say the bear charged and began growling.

It was a wounded bear, it may have charged at them and I think they did what they had to do without a doubt if I was their shoes I would do the same thing, said a man who lives nearby.

Officers weretracking the bear in the 64000 block area of 191st St. SW, just north of the Lynnwood Shopping Center.

Initially the bear was spotted in the county area late last night and was called in by a woman who saw it in her back yard, said Shannon Sessions with Lynnwood Police.

Police and wildlife officials had been chasing it for hours.

Sessions said the bear was near Lynndale Elementary School.

Lynnwood police isn't trained to deal with wildlife ... this is really rare to have any bear, let alone an adult bear this size, said Sessions. We are trained to use different weapons and we needed to use the weapons we did have on hand to control the situation.

Wildlife officials said the bear may have been on the move after being kicked out of the nest.

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