SEATTLE - The first flight from Tokyo since the tsunami and earthquake hit arrived in Seattle Saturday morning.

Dave Matter was sitting in a lounge at Narita International Airport when it happened.

It was all windows. You could see the planes flopping around on the runways, it was pretty crazy, said Matter.

Allen Meng was leaving the restroom when the quake hit.

We stood in the doorway of the bathroom. It shook for a lot longer than I expected an earthquake to shake. It's probably the worst one I've ever been in, he said.

Most passengers said they're just happy to be home and that sentiment wasn't just from people who were in Japan. Two women felt the aftershocks in Beijing, China. On their flight back to the United States, the pilot took a detour. Catherine Gambs said their flight pattern was changed.

He decided to fly over Japan so we could see the damage underneath, she said.

The State Department is advising Americans not to travel to Japan.

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