SEATTLE -- After nearly four years in prison, the man dubbed the Spam King by federal prosecutors, is allowed back online.

Robert Soloway, who has admitted sending more than 10 trillion spam e-mails in his career, was released last Saturday from the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Oregon, reports

Gone are the fancy cars, extravagant trips and $20,000-a-day spamming proceeds. He now lives in a Seattle studio apartment and works in a print shop for $10 an hour.

He told Wired his spamming days are over.

If I send out spam e-mails, that s a violation of my probation. End of story, he said. I m being very careful. If I send out an e-mail, I m not even going probably to CC it. I ll send a unique e-mail to each person.

As part of his plea deal, probation officers will monitor every e-mail Soloway sends and every webpage he visits for the next three years.

Soloway says he now wants to teach consumers and businesses how to avoid the evils of spamming.

I would like to assist in some way by basically revealing what went on inside the cybercrime industry, he said. I don t expect anyone to trust anything I say until they see me making good.

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