SEATTLE Among those watching the events in Egypt are two Seattle Pacific University students who spent time in Cairo in 2009 studying abroad.

When they were there, Tyler Anders and Kelsey Hampton couldn't help but wonder how their young Egyptian friends really felt about life under Mubarak's regime.

There was a time when we had a couple Egyptians over to our apartment and tried to press them on the issue of what they thought. They gave us their opinion and then jokingly turned to the ceiling and said, 'But of course we love Mubarak still,' Anders said.

'Oh yeah, he's great,' kind of looking around as if they were always being monitored or listened to and things like that, so we sensed that fear. It was very evident to us, said Hampton.

That fear now turning into a fight for democracy.

It's so amazing to see so many Egyptians gathered in the square when they don't have the freedom to assemble and they're breaking a curfew all the time, said Hampton.

Watching young Egyptians take a stand for something these young Americans already have.

I think it definitely places things in perspective for us where, a lot isn't right in our country, but we also have a lot we can stand on and to be thankful for, said Anders.

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