SEATTLE - Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn updated the public Tuesday night on his effort to curb violence at Seattle bars and nightclubs, and he says he's been receiving a lot of positive feedback on his new nightlife initiative.

The mayor has been looking at stricter enforcement of city codes and laws as well as beefing up police patrols in problem areas.

McGinn s office says he has not yet made a decision on closing hours for bars and clubs. McGinn is still working with the State Liquor Control Board studying extended hours or staggering closing times to eliminate the masses of drunks who pour out of bars at 2 a.m.

McGinn says most clubs are already making changes on their own.

95 percent of the clubs for which there have been complaints in the past year are now in compliance based on working with the code compliance team, said McGinn.

McGinn is also looking at working with Metro Transit to provide more bus service at night. He wants to provide more taxi cab stands and proposes a new idea to promote cab rides. An advance parking payment program would allow bar patrons to leave their car overnight on a city street and not get a ticket the next morning.

More than 2,000 people responded to the Mayor's online Nightlife Survey. Most support later bar closings and more transportation for late night patrons. They also want better street lighting at night and access to more late night food.

Seattle's late night scene generates about $1 billion per year.

McGinn may make final recommendations in the spring.

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