SEATTLE - He confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey, but DNA revealed it was all a lie. Now, John Mark Karr is in trouble again, and the search for him has led to Seattle.

However, he may be difficult to spot, because Karr may be appearing as a woman.

The new case is out of San Francisco, where Karr is facing new allegations of cyberstalking.

He didn't want me talking to males of any sort, e-mails constantly, back and forth and if I don't respond quickly enough, I get five more angry e-mails that say where did you go, where did you go? said 19-year-old Samantha Spiegel.

She told Inside Edition she first met Karr when she was 9. He was a substitute teacher at her school in San Francisco. They reconnected over video chat and e-mail. When she tried to break it off with him, she says he threatened to kill her.

Spiegel now has a restraining order against him and San Francisco police tell us they are investigating Karr. Spiegel says Karr became a woman, to get closer to young girls.

That's part of the reason he wants to change his appearance, says Spiegel.

According to several news agencies and the victim's attorney Robin Sax, Karr is believed to be in Seattle, at one point staying at a shelter for battered women.

Court documents show Karr changed his name to Alexis Valoran Reich in King County district court in 2008. He listed a Seattle address as his home, 93 South Jackson Street. But we found it was just a mail box.

Karr is also accused of trying to form a cult of JonBenet look-alikes, and that he would call these young girls The Immaculates.

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