LYNNWOOD, Wash. - Twelve-year-old Austin Lloid and his momspent Saturdayonline, researching the ingredients inside of the energy drink mix Zipfizz. They believe something inside of the 11 gram package made Austin violently ill.

He was profusely throwing up and everything that was in his stomach came up that day, saidAustin's mother, Cheri Crews.

Austin says a classmate offered him and several others the powder Thursday at Martha Lake Elementary.

Ilicked my finger andtook some and putit on my tongue anditstarted fizzing and 15 minutes later my stomach startedhurting really bad, he said.

By nightfall he was in the emergency room.

I'm livid. It's taking every ouncein me not to say something to the manufacturer, said Crews.

The principal of the school says at least five othersgot sick, at least three of them were taken to emergency.

Zipfizzpresident andCEORiley Livingston said the package clearly says it should be mixed with water and that it's not intended for children.

The green tea and the caffeinelevels from the green tea probably caused theirproblems, said Livingston.

Austin said his classmate purchased the mix from Walgreens. Astore clerktold us they're not obligated to refuse the sale of it tochildren; there isn't a warning on the label, but rather a recommendation.

I'm also amazed to find the M&M's almost thesame package and label, saidCrew,who also wants to see a change in the packaging.

Livingston saidthey'll certainly consider it.

I'm definitely going to look into it and hopefully nothing like this will happen again, he said.

Zipfizz is basedin Mill Creek.

In regards to energy mixes, this isn't the first time something like this has happened. There have been reportsthroughout thecountry of kids getting sick from drinks and powders.They're stimulants andoften their bodies are not able to handle them.

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