Video: Your tire valves may be recalled

You may not know it, but your tires might have some bad hardware. The little tire valve could be slowly leaking air.

"It becomes a safety issue you could have a blow out or destroy the tire basically," said Jeff Jaynes, who managed Elliott Tire in Kirkland.

Jeff says anyone who sells tires should be aware of the defective tire valve problem.

"The valve stem at the base actually shows signs of cracking and air will leak out slowly over a period of time," he said.

How can you check if you've got bad valves?

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The tire has to be removed from the car to see if the valve is faulty. Jeff tells us it's something a good shop can figure out.

"We check every car that comes in for service, we check them a lot of times the customers know nothing about it at all," he said.

The valves were made in China for Dill Air Controls, who has published an on-line guide to help you to visually inspect your own tire valve.

"If you see any cracks at all, that's probably a good chance you need to get them replaced

If they look worn, take them back to where you bought them and they will change them out for free, otherwise it's about $6 a valve to have them replaced.

It's a small price to pay for piece of mind on the road.

"A valve stem runs about two to three dollars versus a new tire that costs hundreds of dollars," said Jeff.

Some 6 million tire valves were recalled this summer. Now the feds are investigating if 30 million more are bad too.

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