SEATTLE Cops busted two of three teens who tried to break into a South Seattle home Sunday morning, police said.

Around 9 a.m., the 16-year-olds pulled up in a gold Honda to a home in the 5400 block of 18th Avenue South, said Renee Witt with the Seattle Police Department.

The suspects knocked on the front door and rang the doorbell while people watched from inside the home, Witt said.

One of the teens then smashed the door with some kind of hard object, causing the door to crack, while the other teens ran around back, Witt said.

Police swarmed the area and caught one of the teens back at the car.

The other teens, however, took off running on foot, Witt said. An officer gave chase and arrested him without incident.

The gold Honda was reportedly used in a string of burglaries throughout south Seattle. Both suspects were taken to juvenile detention on attempted burglary charges.

Police did not say what happened to the third teen.

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