ARLINGTON, Wash. -- Leslie Zylstra was tired of crying.

I just wanted to do something, said Zylstra.

Wednesday morning she put a yellow ribbon and a sign reading Oso Strong on the front of her house. She hopes it will inspire her neighbors and the searchers.

This is just a horrific thing, said Zylstra, holding back tears.

Jesse Taylor is using the same message, but with a different approach.

He is selling tee-shirts with the Oso Strong phrase for $20 a piece.

Taylor hopes to raise $6,000 for the community.

His family has lived in the Oso area for the last 100 years.

They're tough, they're strong people, said Taylor. They step up when they need to be called upon.

As of 11 a.m. Thursday,Taylor had sold 686 shirts for a total of $9,300.

It's awesome.It's gone crazy, said Taylor.

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