UNIVERSITY PLACE - A former Army member was fatally shot by police in University Place early Saturday morning when he wouldn't put down a gun, police say.

It happened near Grandview Drive West and Cirque Drive West, near the Chambers Bay Golf Course.

Police say just before midnight Friday, Brian McLeod was drinking with a friend. An argument escalated into knives, weapons, broken glass and lots of blood.

Deputies showed up and confronted McLeod.

He came outside with a big rifle and he pointed it to the police, said father-in-law Joe Norton. He refused to put the gun down so they shot him four times. It's a tragedy.

Norton blames what happened on the army veteran's PTSD. After a tour in Afghanistan two years ago, McLeod was noticeably different.

Family members say McLeod had friends that lost arms and legs, so he felt his psychological problems would be miniscule to what those gentlemen needed as far as services, so he put his aside and never reached out for help.

While family say McLeod never showed aggression---they think it's an explanation for his behavior.

They need a lot of help and they don't get it, said Norton.

For now, McLeod s family can only hope to find peace in his loss because lives are shattering too often.

There's just so many thousands that have the same issue and it s not being addressed, said Norton.

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