Andrew MacLachlan is in a real life version of David and Goliath.

It's very frustrating. It truly is. You feel like the little guy fighting the big guy, said MacLachlan.

At the center of his battle is this canal that's maintained by Boeing.

It's tiring because it's been a long time we've been dealing with this, said MacLachlan.

For years, Andrew has watched as the canal has widened. Recently it s started taking his property line with it.

What will happen is it will crack and it will start to fall away and settle down and then it will just chunk off, explained MacLachlan.

Cracks in the ground lending to missing chunks of earth. In MacLachlan s back yard his fence is starting to disappear. Andrew reported the problem to Boeing in 2012. The company said it had plan.

They're going to put some more dirt along here and build it up and plant some sort of shrub life to keep land from falling in, said MacLachlan.

He waited for the work to start. Months turned into more than a year but still nothing.

We sent lots and lots of emails but we never got any response, said MacLachlan.

Andrew says a Boeing representative showed up unannounced. He tried to get answers in person but it was just more of the same.

It's like they don't owe you any kind of explanation of what they're going to do with the waterway and that's extremely frustrating because obviously I make my mortgage payments, explained MacLachlan. I pay property taxes.

After nearly a year and a half the MacLachlan's contacted me. I got in touch with Boeing and soon after it setup a meeting with Andrew. A few weeks later a retaining wall appeared along the bank. It s a temporary solution until the water level goes down in the summer.

Boeing says it's always had a plan to maintain the canal. It was unable to complete the work last year because of the time needed to get permits approved. The company says it never meant to ignore Andrew and will review its internal process for communication. In the meantime, Andrew is stuck waiting out the rainy season to see if Boeing keeps its promise.

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