A man was shot and killed by a Pierce County deputy early Sunday.

The Sheriff's Dept. says the incident started as a traffic stop at 174th St and Pacific Ave in Spanaway a few minutes after midnight.

It is unclear what the original stop was for. The two deputies making the stop discovered that the passenger in the pickup had a felony warrant out for drug charges and identity theft. The deputies tried to arrest the suspect, who they say then pulled out pepper spray and sprayed it at the officers.

A deputy then pulled out a gun and shot the 21-year-old suspect. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies later found a knife at the scene, but it is unclear if the deputies knew there was a knife during the original stop. It is not known if any of the three people in the truck, including the deceased suspect, had a gun.

The two deputies were treated at the scene by Central Pierce Fire and Rescue for injuries resulting from the pepper spray.

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