On one of the foulest days of the winter, Seattle fans flocked together, united as one big wet, flapping mass of Hawk humanity.

We need to send some of this rain backeast to help the Seahawkswin, said Beth Hayes, dressed in a homemade Seahawks costume anddoing a rain dance of sorts.

As the skies burst on Wednesday, Blue Thunder roared acrossa rally at Seattle Center. Fans roared back, with boisterous chants and hoots of anticipation.

It's safe to say Seattle has fallen in love with its Seahawks, and peopledo crazy things for love. Kevin Anderson, a worker at Bremerton's Navy Shipyard,dressed up in ablue and green gladiator outfit.

My wifeloves it! he said.

When asked if it added a new dimension to his love life, he replied, I'd say so!

Fans stood in line for nearly two hours to sign the Space Needle's 12th Man flag, which will be flown to New Jersey and be presented to the team before kickoff Sunday.

It seems people just want to be part of this team, to leave their mark in some way, like the team has left it's indelible mark on them.

I wrote #12 for life, said Mike Martinez. It's a really cool thing to sign the flag and be part of it and see them go back to the Super Bowl.

Peopleacross Seattlefeel like something special is happening here. For Kathy Gamble, it's a chance to share something with her grandson that might not happen again in her lifetime.

It's history. My eight-year-old grandson will never forget the year the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, she said.

Like our Seattle rain, this team has become something that touches us all.

It's a true unifier of the community, said lifetime fan Kris Brannon. No matter your race, your religion, your politics, everybody here wants to see us win.

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