ANACORTES, Wash. -- Jesseka Cladek knows what it's like to be bullied.

I've been targeted my whole life, she said.

Cladek even lost a 16-year-old friend to suicide when he became overwhelmed by bullying. So when she saw a family member getting bullied on Facebook, she wouldn't stand for it.

I don't let people mess with my family like that, she said.

Cladek says the woman who runs the Sips Ahoy bikini barista stand in Anacortes launched a series of vulgar, hateful rants on Facebook just before Christmas. Many of the postsreference women's weight and appearance. All are personal attacks. Cladek says Sips Ahoy manager Meghan Calavan crossed a line when she posted that Cladek should kill herself.

What ifI was unstable and actually did kill myself? she asked. Words have an impact on people.

All this might be written off as typicalFacebook drama if Calavan didn't post the comments on the business page for Sips Ahoy. Now the community is defending those targeted by the bullying. AFacebook campaignurging peopleto boycott the coffee stand had already received nearly 2,000 likes by Thursday.

I'd like toseethe placeshut down, saidCladek. Ithink anyone supporting that shop is condoning whatwas said.

A barista at the stand Wednesday said business has not been affected by the boycott. Supporters of the action say they simply hope the message gets through.

She's almost 30, said Cladek. She has her own child. What if someone did that to her kid?

KING 5 News reached out to Sips Ahoy management, but requests for an interview were not returned.

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