There's a chill in the air on the U-dub campus and not just from the weather.

For the first time in more than 50 years a Husky football head coach isn't leaving because he was fired or retired.

You just kind of feel betrayed, said UW sophomore, Jason Kinsley.

Coach Steve Sarkisian is skippin town and USC-bound-- something UW senior Lindsay Szymanski can't fathom.

There's nothing out there in Southern California, just a bunch of sun! she said.

But is Sarkisian's play more of a bold move or a cold move? That depends on who you ask. We just don't really like USC, pac-12 rivals. And so the fact that he's going to USC makes us really just angry, said Kinsley.

On the airwaves-- the Seahawk spotlight shifted to Sark. Former husky quarterback Brock Huard isn't surprised. The head coaching job at USC, he says, was Sarkisian's dream.

There's part of him that probably always wanted to go back to USC, the place he's had the most success. It's an incredible job and I'm sure he's going to be paid an incredible amount of money, Huard said.

While some argue the timing couldn't be worse, Huard suggests is couldn't be better. Coming off their fifth season under Sarkisian, the dawg's 8-4 record falls short of Husky nation's expectations.

And in fact that's some of the heat and some of the pressure that's been on him the last couple of years, said Huard.

But for some fans, it still hurts.

The fact Sark was USC under Pete Carroll, Pete Carroll's with the hawks, everything just seemed right, said Kinsley, who's UW utopia was shattered by Sark's announcement.

Sarkisian was in the middle of a contract with Washington that ran through 2015.

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