SEATTLE - It started with a simple request to carry an extra piece of equipment.

Chris Hansen's investment team had a long-planned mission to conquer Mount Everest. The team-building exercise for his firm was delayed by his effort to secure anNBAfranchise, and he finally found time for the trip a few weeks ago.

One of our good friends with the Seahawks found out we were going, said Hansen Sunday, as he relaxed in a chair at a local fundraiser. And asked us to bring the 12th Man flag up. (They) asked us to bring it up and so we did.

The Seattle Arena investor filmed the moment for posterity. Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll tweeted the video over the weekend, in advance of the New Orleans game on Monday Night Football. It features Hansen saying, Who dat be on the top of the world? No Saints up here! 12th Man y'all, as a man plants the Seahawks 12th Man flag on the mountain.

The video has over 31,000 views.

It was base camp so I think I ought to set the record straight, I was not climbing Mount Everet. That is a little bit beyond my mountaineering skills, we tracked to base camp with my firm, says Hansen, smiling as he recounted the adventure. The flag was signed by several Hawks fans. It's in a little teahouse right next to base camp with a bunch of expedition flags from groups that have gone up, so it has a great home.

So does this mean he'll be raising another flag at the Seahawks game on Monday Night?

Hansen says with a chuckle, I think I've been pretty clear on that, raising a flag for a job that is only half done, I don't think is a good move, so we'll save the accolades for when we have a team.

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