SEATTLE - A group of Seattle citizens acknowledge the Seattle police department has received some serious complaints, but they say that is not the whole story.

High school senior Hannah Vannini said, there's so many good ones versus bad ones.

Vannini, 17, said a recent ride-a-long confirmed for her that she wants to be a police officer.

I know kids my age always say, 'they hate the police, they are just out to get everyone,' but they are just doing their jobs. They just want to help more than anything else, said Vannini.

Vannini joined an effort with dozens of others who wanted to say thank you to Seattle police. The Seattle Police Foundation took a portion of the positive messages the police department received over the past year, and used photos to bring the thank you notes to life.

The message really is for the police department to understand that their community really does support them, said Renee Hopkins, Seattle Police Foundation President and CEO.

In the photos, Vannini is holding a sign that reads: You are the reason I am becoming an officer.

Deb Greer, a Block Watch Captain in West Seattle, said officers have attended monthly meetings and shared crime prevention tips.

I don't know when they get thanked, said Greer.

That's why she wanted to hold a sign that reads: Time and time again they put their lives on the line for us.

Friday night, dozens of citizens attended the Seattle Police Awards Banquet and held up signs of support in a room full of officers.
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