Season Three of the hit NBC show Grimm premieres Friday night here on KING 5 and fans can't wait! The show draws inspiration from Grimm's Fairy Tales and gives them a creepy twist, with scary creatures called wesen (pronounced vessen ) disguised as humans, and a Portland police officer named Nick, who was born a grimm. Grimms have the ability to recognize wesens and fight the evil ones, which he does with help from a motley group of friends, including his human police partner Hank, and several wesen, including Monroe, a blood-thirsty blutbad who lives as a pacifist vegan who repairs clocks for a living.

Two of the show's co-stars, Rusell Hornsby ( Hank ) and Silas Weir Mitchell ( Monroe ) visited Seattle to chat about the show's stunning success and give tiny hints about the new season. They also played a game of Guess the Wesen, giving their expert take on which wesen would lurk inside the likes of Northwest notables like Bill Gates, Marshawn Lynch and more. They even took a stab at Margaret and New Day Audience Coordinator Suzie Wiley. (You can see this story on New Day on Thursday, October 31).

In addition to the video and sound in today's segment, check out this link for a fun and quirky recap of Season Two of Grimm .

Grimm - Season 3 premieres Friday, October 25 at 9:00pm on KING 5, followed by the new series Dracula, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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