OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The father-in-law of missing Utah mother Susan Powell is nearing the end of his prison sentence.

The Department of Corrections said Thursday that Steve Powell will likely be released on November 4. The 63-year-old will be supervised by a community corrections officer, is required to undergo sex offender treatment and will wear a GPS locator for the first 30 days of his release.

Powell will not be returning to his family home in Puyallup; he has already identified a home in Tacoma where he plans to live.

During the investigation of Susan Powell's disappearance, it became known that Steven Powell had an odd obession with her. Powell has been serving time for secretly recording naked images of young neighbor girls. He was sentenced in June 2012 on 14 counts of voyeurism.

Susan Powell's father said he knew this day would come.

At least now people who know he is and what he is and that will make it more difficult for him, I hope, as far as the chances of him reoffending, said Chuck Cox, Susan Powell's father.

Department of Corrections officials said Steven Powell could have been released as early as May of this year, but there was a holdup with his offender release plan. DOC declined to say what that was.

It could be that the housing that they're looking at poses a risk to the community, poses victims concerns, said Norah West with the Department of Corrections.

Earlier this year, police released a letter Steven Powell wrote to his son, Michael, where he admitted his adult children living at the Powell home in Puyallup were concerned about his safety and the media attentio if he moved there after prison. All that DOC officials said was that he is moving to a private residence in Tacoma.

Susan Powell disappeared from her home in December 2009. Her body was never found and the case is now inactive. Her husband, Josh Powell, was a focus of the investigation until he killed himself and the couple's two children last year by blowing up his home. Utah authorities have said they do not believe Steve Powell was directly involved with Susan Powell's disappearance.

In a civil suit, a judge granted $1.8 million reward to Steven Powell's victims. It's unclear at this point whether he will be able to pay it.

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