EVERETT, Wash. -- The government shutdown comes at a terrible time for a group of eighth graders from Everett.

Katherine Blaise is among more than 30 students from Saint Mary Magdalen School who has been fundraising for a year in preparation for a trip to Washington, DC.

For each person it is $2000, said Blaise.

Organizers said the students had planned to visit the Smithsonian museums, national monuments, and tour the U.S. Capitol. The first government shutdown in 17 years means several of the sites on the students itinerary are now closed.

I really wanted to see the Lincoln memorial the most because he is probably one of my favorite Presidents, said student Gabriel Feliciano.

Trip organizer Jolene Johnson called it a huge disappointment.

An analogy is like a group of first graders, they learn to compromise, and yet these adults that we are paying to be in Congress can't seem to come to any kind of compromise. That's really sad, said Johnson.

Students plan to leave for Washington D.C. on Wednesday morning.

If the closures remain during their week-long trip, they will visit places like the International Spy Museum and spend more time in cities like Alexandria, Virginia.

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