Dr. Emily Cooper from Seattle Performance Medicine joined Margaret to wrap up New Day's Get Fit challenge. They discussed one common issue faced by several New Day crew members: Metabolic Syndrome, including risk factors and how to prevent them. They also chatted about Dr. Cooper's new book THE METABOLIC STORM, which will be available any day, and questions patients who have weight problems should ask their own doctors.

Dr Cooper - 5 questions that people with weight problems should discuss with their doctor:

1. What s going on with my blood sugar? Am I pre-diabetic? Should I be on any medication for this?

2. At the very least, ask your doctor for a fasting glucose, insulin and HBA1C test. Find out where you stand.

3. Check and to see that your heart is healthy and your blood pressure is regulated.

4. If you re overweight and have tried numerous diets but the weight keeps coming back, talk to your doctor about obesity as a disease and treating it as a disease.Don t let them prescribe another diet!

5. Ask your doctor if he/she has ever treated someone with a metabolic syndrome before.Tell the doctor that your weight is a symptom, not the cause of your obesity.

6. (May 17th KING 5 Morning News interview about weight lost and hormones)

7. If you feel you need help getting your weight to come down, don t go on another diet!Your doctor might be able to help you with some of the newer classes of weight loss drugs.Ask if the doctor knows about any of these meds or about treatment for insulin resistance or pre-diabetes.

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