SEATTLE -- Beware of door-to-door magazine sellers who claim to be working for the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County.

It angers you to think that somebody is abusing your brand, said the Clubs' President and CEO, Calvin Lyons.

Late last week the non-profit organization found out solicitors were using the name as they tried to sell magazines at homes in North Seattle, Greenwood, and Queen Anne.

Teena Griggs is a Queen Anne resident. The 'No Solicitors' sign may have kept salesmen from knocking at her house, but through a neighborhood email chain she learned about the door-to-door details.

It was a gentleman that would come door-to-door and sell magazines, said Griggs. He got upset when you said you didn't want to subscribe.

The emails also reached Kelly Kemp, who lives in the Queen Anne area and is on the Board of Directors for the Clubs. Kemp informed Lyons, and he sent out a warning right away.

Our main concern is club safety, staff, kids and community. I saw this as a direct violation of that, said Lyons.

He added that the Clubs do not solicit donations by having kids or teens go door-to-door. He said people should notify police if they are contacted in that manner.

According to the city of Seattle, no one is currently licensed to sell magazines door-to-door.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of King County serve 16,000 kids, and donations help them offer services. The best way to give to the non-profit is through its website.

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