WHITE CENTER, Wash. - The King County Sheriff's office said Tuesday that a Saturday night burglary attempt and an attempted abduction from earlier this month might be related. Detectives believe it may be the same suspect in both cases.

Saturday, just after 10 p.m., the suspect attempted to enter a bedroom window of a house where a one year old child was playing in the 10400 block of 3 Ave. SW. The child's mother walked into the baby's room and saw the suspect pushing on the window screen. She screamed and the suspect fled.

A relative in the house chased the suspect but lost him near SW 106th and 2 Ave SW. The suspect was wearing a grey hoodie and tan shorts.

When deputies arrived they saw a red Mazda pickup driving away quickly. Deputies tried to stop the vehicle, a female passenger got out of the pickup, and the driver sped off. The truck crashed into a fence, and a man fled on foot. Deputies said the man matched the description of the burglary suspect. The truck was determined to have been stolen from Seattle on May 31.

On June 2nd, on the same street a suspect attempted to abduct a 3-year-old child from his yard. The child's mother managed to fight the suspect to keep him from taking her child.

According to the King County Sheriff's office, the two cases could be connected because the suspects in the incidents are described as tall and skinny, the attempts happened in the 10400 block of 3 Ave. SW, and young children were involved in both cases. Anyone with information is asked to call KCSO at 206-296-3311.

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