Meet Gus Andreasen, a guy on the go. When he's not walking, he's got other ways to get around Seattle.

I'll use Taximagic and if nothing s available I'll to go Uber, which is right here, he said.

Nearby an Uber driver is waiting for a guy like Gus to call. Drivers and riders are connected by GPS and a credit card account.

Car2Go is my preferred method, unless I've had a couple of drinks and can t drive, said Andreasen.

Car2Go is rent by the minute.

I have to say, Car2Go looks funny, but I feel really cool inside a Car2Go, said Andreasen.

There are now so many different options to get around, which are safe? And which have predictable rates?

The Seattle City Council is studying what's best for the industry and the riding public. Some limo drivers say they're hurting; times are slow.

This time is very slow, not good business, said one limo driver.

And with hundreds of taxis downtown all colors and shapes, the cab model seems to be flat right now.

Cabs still rule the streets when flagged down, and tourists keep them busy. In Seattle taxis and limos are a regulated industry. So the free market isn t really free.

Andreasen thinks any new government intervention should be limited.

I feel that if they try to regulate it too much, it will stifle new development in the transportation industry with smart phones, he said.

The Seattle City Council is expected to finish a taxi-limo market demand study in July.

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