Betsy Reed Schultz lost her only son over Memorial Day weekend two years ago. US Army Captain Joseph Schultz was killed in action in Afghanistan on May 29, 2011. He was 36 years old. Betsy's grief inspired a decision to create a safe haven for families of fallen warriors come together and supoprt one another on a path to healing.

Businesses in and around Port Angeles donated money and equipment to the Captain Joseph House Foundation, including a a house that will be renovated to accomodate several families. Betsy joined Margaret to share memories of her son, and talk more about her mission to help bring grieving military families together, because they truly understand the scope and depth of each others' heartbreak.

A memorial service and groundbreaking for Captain Joseph House will take place from 1:30 - 3:30pm on Sunday, May 26 in Port Angeles (1108 South Oak Street). For more information about the event and the Captain Joseph House Foundation, including how to help, visit the website:

You can also find the Foundation on Facebook: Captain Joseph House Foundation

Betsy Reed Schultz with her son, US Army Captain Joseph Schultz

Here are some donations that have already come in to the Foundation:

  • A local automobile dealer donated three vans for visiting families to use during their stay at Captain Joseph House
  • A church donated a 22' sailboat for the families' use
  • The Sierra Club is creating a special program for Captain Joseph House. Volunteers trained in grief and loss will take families backcountry hiking on the Olympic Peninsula. The Sierra Club will cover the insurance for the families who take part.
  • The first-ever dinner, live auction and raffle for Captain Joseph House raised $65,000 for the Foundation.
  • Local organizations, from the Senior Center to the Port Angeles High School Music Department, held fundraisers throughout the month of April, and the 2nd Annual Run for Joe marathon will take place on June 2nd (Click here for more information)
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