Celtic Thunderis a musical sensation, with fans across the globe. The youngest member, Damian McGinty, took a break from the musical to enter the Glee Project with the winner getting a role on the hit show glee . Damian, along with another contestant won and appeared in 17 episodes last season, ten more than they'd orginally signed him up to do! He played the lovable foreign exchange student that joined the group mid-semester.

Damian performed the song Little Things, and chatted with guest host Kim Holcomb about his life since Celtic Thunder, his experience on the Glee Project and glee - and his upcoming summer tour with Celtic Thunder castmate Paul Byrom.

For more information about Damian and Paul's Me and My Shadow tour, please click here. The tour stops in Seattle on Tuesday, July 2 (the location has not yet been determined).

Keep up with Damian McGinty on Facebook. Follow him on Twitter: @DamianMcGinty

Damian, who hails from Derry in Northern Ireland, has also been named a Cultural Ambassador for the UK City of Culture 2013 (for Derry - Londonderry). To learn more about City of Culture events, please click here.

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