KING 5 News has received the most recent maintenance records for the South Transit bus involved in Monday's fatal accident off I-405. The driver told authorities his brakes failed, but what do the records show?

The bus was inspected on April 26 and needed repairs on May 1, just five days before the fatal crash in Kirkland.

The records indicate the bus was possibly pulling to the right when the brakes were applied. On May 1, one of the mechanics wrote that in test drive it did not pull and didn't pull when braking.

The brakes were tested. The brake pads showed they were OK, with a quarter left both front and back.

We intend to get a full explanation of the report and how the repairs were made from First Transit, the group that contracts to maintain the Sound Transit buses.

Watch Linda Brill's full report on the maintenance records of the Sound Transit bus on KING5 News at 5 p.m. tonight.

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